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8 April 2021
Aardman selects Uvisan to ensure the show goes on

UV-C technology has sterilised delicate puppets, props and rigging kit on Aardman’s latest Shaun the Sheep production Aardman, the world-famous, four-time Academy Award® winning animation studio behind  Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Creature Comforts and Chicken Run, has selected UV-C specialist, Uvisan, to ensure the production of its latest blockbusters continue during the pandemic. […]

23 December 2020
Uvisan announces recommendation from Hewlett-Packard

UVISAN is delighted to announce that it has been recommended by HP as a supplier of UV-C disinfection equipment for HP’s VR and mixed reality headset range. We believe this is a very significant endorsement of our UV-C cabinets as a safe and reliable technology for disinfecting electronic devices. Hewlett Packard approached UVISAN as it needed […]

17 December 2020
UV-C in Education - Hazelwood School: A Uvisan Case Study

Coronavirus has changed the world in many ways. Education has been badly hit, with students out of school for months. Upon their return, one of the main concerns has been how to maintain safe and clean equipment, with so much shared usage between students, risking transmission of a virus that can stay on surfaces for […]

25 November 2020
UV-C in Virtual Reality - VR-Here: A Uvisan Case Study

VR Arcades are a relatively new emergence into our shopping centres and high streets. Heading out to the shops now doesn’t just mean bargain hunting in fashion retailers, you can now find yourself fighting off zombies in a post apocalyptic wasteland, exploring unknown galaxies with your almighty lightsaber, or for the less adrenaline centred, relaxing […]

20 November 2020
UV-C in Universities - University of Chichester: A Uvisan Case Study

"At the University of Chichester we take pride in ensuring our students have the safest as well as the best experience across everything we do." "We needed a solution that was easy to use and would eradicate any infection risk without damaging the sensitive equipment used by our colleagues and students. The Uvisan cabinet was […]

16 November 2020
5 Things you didn't know about disinfectant wipes.

From the perspective of a small business, wipes may well have been the saviour over recent months. They provide a quick easy way to clean almost everything and have helped us to push forwards at a time whilst even the basics have been pretty unbearable. It's very difficult to criticise anything that allows us to […]

16 November 2020
Scientifically Tested: UVC vs Wet Wipes

Introduction As part of our ongoing process to discover the best ways to develop our product range and understand how to tackle the spread of diseases and viruses, we are continually carrying out a number of experiments. One recent experiment was to examine the efficacy of wipes vc UVC on handheld devices, in this case, […]

27 January 2020
UVC in Waste Management - A UVISAN Case Study

UVISAN has recently concluded a case study alongside a leading waste management company on the efficacy of UVC disinfection in waste management. This isn’t the first time that UVISAN has discussed the benefits of UVC disinfection over traditional cleaning wipes. In fact, you can find previous studies on wipes versus UVC cleaning here. However, this […]